WTERT-India is co-founded by the National Environmental Engineering Research
Institute (NEERI) and the Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University.
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Wide window for creating environmental awareness

The increased industrialization and rapid unplanned urbanization are the general factors blamed for the existing environmental issues. The meticulous government policies, rules and cutting edge technologies alone would not be a panacea for the existing problem. It’s high time for us to think about psychological and philosophical dimensions to find solution. Creating awareness may lead to alignment of life style and it ensures significant positive impact on consumerism and industrialization and so on. The versatility of Web.2 ensures the strong connectivity among the people. It provide platform for interaction and vivid display of information in order to reach various groups of people and individual, this article deals with potentials and kinetics of Web 2 in creating environmental awareness with help of reference and from personal experience. This article investigates the effective mode of interaction for reaching majority of the audience in social network sites like Facebook.

Also it shares the learning from the existing Facebook page called “My Course Work” created to ensure the reach ability of environmental engineering students with the public. Additionally the article explain how the emails, mobiles and other tools are simplified the process of environmental awareness without compromising the quantity and quality especially in education institution.

The sole of the article is to support the importance of environmental awareness, to zoom the feature of Web.2 in creating environmental awareness, since most of the applications are unknown to the large mass of internet users and finally to share our experience in organizing event with the help of Electronic medias.

Keyword: Facebook, Environmental Awareness, Social network sites

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