WTERT-India is co-founded by the National Environmental Engineering Research
Institute (NEERI) and the Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University.
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The mission of WTERT-India is to identify the best available technologies for the treatment of various waste materials, conduct additional academic research as required, and disseminate this information by means of publications, the WTERT-India web page, and periodic meetings. In particular, WTERT-India strives to reduce the public health impacts due to improper solid waste management in India, and to increase the recovery of materials and energy from used solids, by means of recycling, composting, waste-to-energy, and, sanitary landfilling with landfill gas utilization.

The guiding principle of WTERT-India is that responsible management of wastes must be based on science and best available technology at a particular location and not on ideology and economics that exclude environmental costs and seem to be inexpensive now but can be very costly in the future. WTERT-India is set-up with the understanding that solutions vary from region to region and is committed to researching locally available technologies.

Major objectives of WTERT-India are to

> Create a niche for the budding solid waste management sector in India

> Bring together the industry, government, academia and citizen activist groups to solve the current solid waste management crisis in India

> Act as a swiveling point to funnel important decisions related to solid waste management in India in the right direction

> Disseminate the latest information by means of its web page, and periodic meetings

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