WTERT-India is co-founded by the National Environmental Engineering Research
Institute (NEERI) and the Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University.
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June 2013

1. In a first, waste-to-energy plant built with Chinese technology …… Click Here

March 2013

1. Industrial Pollution affecting population, reports Asianage …… Click Here

2. Problem in Dumping of Waste ….. Click Here

3. Bangalore waste management: A Total mess…..Click Here

4. Okhla Plant gets carbon credit…..Click Here

5. Bhubaneshwar Municipal Authorities seeking help of rag pickers for plastic waste management…..Click Here

6. Plastics now creating real havoc…..Click Here

February 2013

BMC going for Waste to Energy….Click Here

BMC to set up waste to energy plant in Mumbai ….. Click Here

BARC launch AKRUTI …..Click Here

Dhaka also going for Waste to energy….Click Here

Italian company bags award for waste to energy in Dhaka….Click Here

Traders to do segregation….Click Here

Corporate to reduce waste….Click Here

January 2013

Indian researchers make bricks from waste…..Click Here

Door to door collection of waste to be outsourced.    Click Here

Poor garbage management may cost licence….Click Here

Pressure on Government to clear garbage mess … Click Here

Local opposes Garbage plant in Panjim……Click Here

Illegal dumping of waste threatening green cover in Delhi ….. Click Here

Toxic fumes from burning of waste ….Click Here

BMC, Mumbai to improve garbage clearance…..Click Here

Garbage plants to be installed in Thiruvananthapuram ….. Click Here

Garbage collection in highways: A new initiative …. Click Here


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1. Report of the Task Force on Waste to Energy (Volume I) (In the context of Integrated MSW Management) Click Here
2. Report of the Task Force on Waste to Energy (Volume II) Click Here

3. Energy from Waste – Clean, efficient, renewable: Transitions in combustion efficiency and NOx controlClick Here