WTERT-India is co-founded by the National Environmental Engineering Research
Institute (NEERI) and the Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University.
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Ecopots garbage farms

Ecopots grows plants direct from organic garbage, with easy use, no smell & better plant yields.  All cities have huge mountains of toxic organic wastes. The process of collection, transport, and transfer to landfill / incinerators needs huge men, trucks (diesel burning) with huge CO2 addition. The waste collection activity is recurring, needing more finances, more men power for eternity. Global Oxygen level is going down (power plants, cars etc) with lower addition by plant kingdom that may soon reduce fish levels in oceans& water bodies critically. Huge Oxygen use in power plants, cars, two wheelers, trucks may reduce oxygen for the animals, worse for   younger lives! The revival of earth with more added oxygen, reducing mountains of garbage costing millions of Rs can be achieved with help of plants growing on the home organic wastes, in all homes. Low cost Garbage gardens in all homes can eliminate waste collection, reduce diesel use, adds more free vegetables, reducing family food budgets too. Brown cities can become green, reducing city temperatures that can reduce A.C loads, reversing global warming. No wastes-no collection costs- can improve city finances too.

For 5000 years man had thrown garbage onto streets. Till date we collect to dump/ burn it at another place. Often this is incomplete creating diseases more near landfill sites- diarrhoea, plague, and dengue.  SIMPLE affordable clean technology has not been created globally till date. So all nations are fighting mountains of wastes!

Ecopots allow us to isolate the organic wastes at home in a 2 minutes /alternate day dumping. This ends city organic waste collection for ever. Ecopots has a partition with root holes forming a plant and waste dumping chambers. Plant part is filled with soil &planted. In waste part, dump your wastes and cover with 1 inch of soil.  Plants sends roots into the waste part & grow. The NPK of wastes can grow plants. Soil is now loaded with bacteria that also increase water retentivity. There is no smell. There is no need for soil turning- less labour as in daily dumps or vermicomposting! Just dump & forget. The pots may be precoated with decomposing agents that reduce wastes to nutrients for plant growth faster.

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